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-   ABOUT US  -


We’re a local (Stuart, FL), family beekeeping & honey business located along Florida’s beautiful Treasure Coast. We started with the idea to work with local golf courses to help fight colony collapse, by providing homes for bee colonies right on their property. Our bees use the natural resources on these courses (wildflowers, palm trees, ect) to pollinate and make honey. In addition, we have a community of hives in Hobe Sound.

What started as a few bee colonies has turned into our current 70 (and growing!) bee hives mainly from Palm Beach to Vero. We expanded to the west coast this year with hives in Bradenton. Our bees are hard workers, making honey that we offer 100% raw. Basically, raw honey is “as it exists in the hive”. We do an initial straining to clean out any impurities, then our honey is bottled and ready to enjoy! We do not filter or pasteurize, which strips honey of its nutrients & pollen.